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by Frank Komola, Guest Post, February 24, 2019There are any number of issues of concern we have that are being addressed or need to be addressed by our local, state, and federal legislatures. Trying to keep track of those issues that we individually have concerns about can sometimes be difficult to accomplish.

But on the federal level, there is an extremely helpful resource for tracking our individual federally elected officials. That resource can be found at the website When you go on to this site, scroll down the menu in the box on the left upper side of the page marked, “legislation.” “Members” is one option in the menu. Look up your legislator in this area. The search results will give you a biography, and additional information about them can be obtained by
clicking on their name. This will also lead you further into their biography, which includes any legislation they have sponsored or cosponsored in the current session, additional co-sponsors of their legislation, the committee or committees the legislation has been assigned, and the progress that bill has made to date.

One of the most important things you can do on the site is create a username and password. Once you’ve done this you can ask to be notified of any changes in the sponsorships, progress of the bill, and find every piece of legislation filed by ANY member of Congress. An email will be sent to you with an update of any legislation or member of Congress you are interested in keeping track of.

In my case, usually about once or twice per week, I receive email updates for about 10 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

You can even enter a keyword like, “Healthcare,” in the search area,and related pieces of legislation will come up as a search result.

Once you’ve found legislation that you are interested in, you can go to the website for the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Here you will find schedules of house committees where you’ll find individual committee hearing schedules and the topic they will be taking up at the hearing. I hope you find this resources helpful. Any questions, feel free to email me at L2FK9L@MSN.COM.

Gun Control

by Alex Malvers, Guest Post, May 27, 2018

Last Friday there was another shooting at a high school down south.

I truly believe Russia is behind all these shootings. The shooters are working for Russia. They’re domestic terrorists.

Then last Sunday I saw Oliver North on one of the Sunday talk shows. If you’re old like me you probably remember North worked for Ronald Reagan. I never liked North or Reagan. They were both too far to the right for me.

Now North is running for president of the National Rifle Association. He says he wants to sign 1 million members and put them on “the streets of America.” Why the hell does he want to do that? Don’t we have enough killing already?

This scares me to death. What are those people going to do. The NRA has ties in Russia. They funneled money from Russia to the Trump Campaign.

Any American mixed up with Russia is a traitor. In most countries they take traitors and kill them. But in America we make them the head of state.