HDCC Leadership

The HDCC is the local group that supports state and national Democratic candidates and our Party. We are a diverse group of local citizens who believe in the core Democratic values and principles and are committed to supporting issues and Democratic candidates who share those values.

To contact any official, please use the contact form below the table.

ChairBill Cox
Female Vice ChairRoz McKeon
Male Vice ChairJoeseph LeBlanc
SecretaryM. Eva Rajczyk
TreasurerPaul Accardi
Membership ChairSusan Goecke
Strategic Action ChairChere Bemelmans
Events ChairRosemary Young
Ward 1 ChairRalph Basiliere
Ward 2 ChairRoz McKeon
Ward 3 ChairMary Ellen Daly O’Brien
Ward 4 ChairKenneth Quimby
Ward 5 ChairDan Speers
Ward 6 ChairGraham Schwass
Ward 7 ChairJoe LeBlanc
WebmasterBob Young

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