May 21, 2017 Newsletter

May 21, 2017 – By Chere Bemelmans

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Tomorrow night the HDCC unveils its new website. (Barking Dog Alehouse, 5:30-7 — come to socialize and see The Big Reveal!). We hope that it will become a source for you of information, action items, and upcoming events. We’re working hard now to get it ready. 

We’ve all just been through an amazingly crazy week in Washington, with one breaking news story after another (Having Trouble Keeping Up With All the Trump News? Here Are the Must-Reads). It’s exhausting, but it’s also easy to get caught up in the drama and excitement of the Russia scandal and even to fantasize that there’s a “smoking gun” out there that will end this nightmare (In 119 days, President Trump has made 586 false and misleading claims). Oddly, life goes on. For example, the Senate has set up its committee to rewrite the healthcare bill passed by the House (13 Men, and No Women Are Writing New G.O.P. Health Bill in Senate). As important as finding out the truth is, we need to keep our attention on legislation and electing Democrats. Last week the newsletter talked about the importance of electing Democrats. This week: health care. Our action items this week primarily focus on the Senate committee: not what’s in the bill, which is what outraged us about the House bill, but about how the bill is being written. And that is outrageous all by itself.


Save the date: May 22, 5:30 p.m.The Barking Dog: The Great Reveal. Be the first to see the new HDCC website! Socialize with other HDCC members; information will also be available on health care action items and other resistance efforts.
There’s been so much enthusiasm for Saving Capitalism that the HDCC has decided to make a book discussion group a recurring event. Look for information on our next book and meeting date coming soon!
Also coming soon: Social Media training. Whether you have no idea what a tweet or a Like is, or if you just want to use your social media presence to further social justice causes, this training is for you. Beginners and old hands alike, look for more details about social media training coming to the HDCC this summer!
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What Our Reps Are Up To
National Action Items
Call, email, or send a postcard to your representatives! Be outraged! Phone numbers and other calling information below. Per Elizabeth Warren: send this list to red state friends!
The Senate has rejected the House version of the health care bill and is starting over, writing its own version. But they are doing it in private: no hearings, no expert testimony, no chance for amendments. This week’s action items focus on this. Senate GOP defends writing its healthcare bill in private, and there is a list of these senators below.
  1. Call your senators and ask them to speak out against this outrage: the Senate health care bill must have public hearings.
  2. Share the article above (Senate GOP defends. . .) with your social media networks — ask for Senate outreach to protest.
  3. Do you know people in any of the states these senators represent: family, friends, organization members, listserv acquaintances?  Reach out to these people one on one — maybe one a day — and ask them to visit, call, or write their senator to speak out against the senate bill’s being written in private.
  4. Send these senators postcards — not letters — and let them know how you feel. Here is a sample postcard:
I am outraged that the health care bill is being written in private by 13 men, no women, and no democrats. A bill this important needs public sessions so experts can speak about the effects of the bill. Lawmakers must also be able to offer amendments changing the legislation. Are you afraid that the American people will not like what you are doing? Shame on you!
Here are the 13 senators writing this bill:
Members of Senate leadership
Committee chairmen
Massachusetts Action Items
Coming Events
Important links
Want to get even more involved?
To sign up for Daily Action alerts, text the word DAILY to 228466 (not affiliated with HDCC).
Are you involved with a group of people taking action? Let me know! Do you have suggestions, content, or ideas for our newsletter or want to help? Contact!
Here are the representatives for Haverhill, MA:
Capitol Hill switchboard that will connect you with any representatives: 202-224-3121
White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
Here’s a sample script:
Hi, my name is Mark, I’m a constituent from Seattle, zip code 98***, I don’t need a response. I am opposed to banning the sale of blueberries and I encourage the Senator to please oppose implementation of any such ban. Thanks for your hard work answering the phones!
5 Calls makes calling your reps easier than speed dialing!