test of Home 9April2020

Dear Committee Members:
Hoping everybody is safe and well.  This certainly has been a strange last month and I have some important Covid-19 related updates for you.
First, VP Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic nominee for President!  Many of us supported other candidates, but it is now more important than ever to get behind our nominee and do everything we can do to rid our country of the current occupant of that office.  More on this to come, but it is clear that we are going to have to be more determined and more creative in our campaign efforts this Fall.

MA Democratic State Convention

The state convention scheduled for May 30th in Lowell has been cancelled. We originally had planned to have our caucus to elect delegates on March 21st, but it was postponed because of the pandemic.   The State Committee decided there was no way to hold the caucuses which had yet to be conducted in a fair and equitable manner when compared to those that had already been held.  Both candidates for US Senate – Sen. Ed Markey and Cong. Joe Kennedy will be placed on the September Democratic primary ballot without a party endorsement. Anyone who has already paid their delegate fees will be able to request a refund or get a ticket for a unity event planned for the fall.

2020 Democratic National Convention

The national congressional district caucuses to elect delegates was previously scheduled for 1 PM on April 25th and will now be conducted entirely by mail.  Anyone who was a registered Democrat by February 12th may request a ballot at https://massdems..org/nationalconvention/ sometime over the next couple of weeks.  You must choose only one ballot for delegates for either Biden, Sanders, or Warren and the party will determine your congressional district by the voting address you provide.  The 2020 Democratic National Convention has been postponed from July and will now be held the week of August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

City/Ward Committee Reorganization

Chapter 52, Section 4 of the Mass General Laws requires Ward Committees to reorganize following the Presidential Primary.  Each of the 7 Wards are required to meet and organize by choosing a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer (who cannot be a public employee) and such other officers they may decide to elect.  Because of the ongoing Covid-19 situation these meetings will be held with virtual participation .  I will be conferring with the HDCC officers and the Ward chairs in the next week to arrange for the meeting(s) and will keep you posted.  We are looking for volunteer(s) with tech skills who can coordinate the remote aspect of the meetings.  If you can help, please let me know asap.


Candidates for federal and state offices are required to gather signatures and submit them by April 28th in order to be on the September Democratic Primary ballot.  As you can imagine, this is going to be a daunting task for some when they have no opportunities to go out into public arenas and get the necessary signatures.  That is where you come in!  Some candidates are mailing nomination papers to HDCC members and asking you to sign, along with other members of your household and anyone else you can safely have sign, and pop them in the mail back to them.   If you receive nomination papers from a candidate – please get them signed and back in the mail to them as soon as you are able.  You can also contact the candidates and ask them for a nomination sheet and they will get them to you.  I have an extra sheet for Eileen Duff, so if someone could take it for signatures please let me know.
I will be back in touch with you shortly about the reorganization meetings, as well as other developments.   Stay safe and feel free to share any thoughts you may have about the above matters or any others.
Bill Cox, Chair
Haverhill Democratic City Committee
(978) 373-2360