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Join the HDCC to Elect Joe Biden as President
and Kamala Harris as Vice President!!!



SIGNS: If you want a sign, just email Joe LeBlanc at homer2140@mac.com and he and his crew will deliver one to you. We are working on getting 24 4’x4′ signs, so if you have a great highly visible location, let Joe know and he will put the site on the list.

BUMPER STICKERS: If you would like a bumper sticker for your vehicle, just email Peggy Toomey at mtoomey181@comcast.net and she will mail one to you!

BIDEN/HARRIS CALLS AND TEXTS – MASSACHUSETTS: Our first meeting with the Massachusetts Biden/Harris Campaign will be WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th at 7 PM. We will be focusing on making calls to recruit additional volunteers in our area who can join us in making calls and sending texts. If you can join us and help make these friendly calls, please email Susan Goecke at sugo31@aol.com and we will make sure you receive the link for the meeting.

VISIBILITY/STANDOUTS: We will be starting visibility/standouts on Saturday, October 17th from 10 to 11:30 AM leading up to election day. Plan to join us that day! Please email Susan Goecke at sugo31@aol.com and we will make sure you receive the location for this very fun event!

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ELECTION DAY: We will be doing visibility and covering key precincts for Christina Eckert, candidate for Haverhill’s 2nd Essex State Representative seat. She needs our help to take back this seat and make it BLUE again! Please try and give her an hour or 2 on this day! If you know you have an hour or 2 that you can commit to on November 3rd, please email Susan Goecke at Sugo31@aol.com!

Lastly – JOIN US next Sunday, October 4th at 6 PM for our next Election Strategy Meeting. To receive the Zoom Invitation, just email Susan Goecke at sugo31@aol.com.

Bill Cox, HDCC Chair